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Checking In With Our Hearts and Our Heads

Hello beautiful ones. How are you? Really, how are you doing? It’s Lori here with you again this week. We ask because you have complete permission to share your feelings and more importantly feel those feelings deeply. Checking in with our hearts is crucial as we are traversing times of unpresented change and upheaval, and it is bringing so much emotion to the surface. This is especially true for all of us here at Priya as we are all being confronted with uncertainty. We can’t deny it, we are absolutely, unequivocally in this together. With that, we wanted to take today to remind you, that you are not alone, nor have you ever been.

So what can we do with all that is coming up? Well, we invite you to find some quiet time as there is great medicine available in this quiet space. It is a grand opportunity to reconnect to our inner knowing and wisdom. To simply sit quietly and ask ourselves who am I? What am I here to share? What am I feeling? How can I be of service to others now?

We invite you to breathe into these questions and keep repeating them, allowing whatever feelings want to come forward. You might witness what arises as if there’s another version of you watching yourself and observing. If it helps, envision unzipping out of your body and stepping outside of your identity which includes all the roles you play daily such as mother, sister, daughter, employee, boss, wife, and friend. In doing so, notice that there’s an aspect of you that exists beyond your physical body.

Why Should We Check In?

This practice allows us to tune into our emotions, acknowledge them with gratitude, and then release what no longer serves us to carry. It happens not by ignoring or suppressing but rather identifying and acknowledging. By deeply feeling and tuning into what is asking to be felt, we have the ability to then let it move through us. This is how emotion can be released and not stored in the body where it can create dis-ease.

When we know how to soothe our own nervous system and release the emotions that cause the production of stress chemicals in fight or flight (sympathetic mode), we become the masters of our health. The ability to downregulate our nervous system puts the power of health and well-being back in our own hands. It supports the immune system to stay strong and resilient which in turn creates stronger, healthy emotions and a healthier psyche.

THIS is sovereignty over our health and well-being, and this is and has always been our birthright!

Take Our Class on Herbs and Immunity

As a Chinese medicine practitioner I have been called to share my knowledge of herbalism, ancient plant medicine practices, and how energy works to create our reality. There are many simple things we can do in daily practice to support our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

On Saturday I lead a 75 minute class on Herbs and Immunity. We are offering this complimentary to our Priya community, click on the above image “breathe” to be taken to our youtube page. Also, we are also doing our FIRST LIVE (!!!) on Priya’s Facebook page Wednesday April 1st, at 11am PST / 2pm EST. Please bring your questions on herbs, and I will share all that I know! We also welcome you to join in a loving community to connect and express how you’re feeling in a safe container of compassion, and that we are here for this too! If you missed it, you can check out our article on the most powerful herbs for your immune system.

We have always held a vision of Priya Apotheca being a community that supports and uplifts women and knowing that ultimately, we are deeply in service to you. So please feel free to reply to this email with questions and comments. Or on our instagram or this coming Wednesday.

We are in this together! Together we will rise!

Sending you much love and blessings,

Lori, Tracy, Judit

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