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Do Toners Really Matter?

Today we’re going to talk Toners. Do you use one? In my teens I used a Clinique toner (do you remember that product!?) for acne so I’ve always thought them to be astringent and drying. However last year when Judit shared the first tester of our new Radiance Dew Toning Mist, I had a completely different experience that shifted my outlook.

Not only was the smell soothing but it was super refreshing to spritz on. At the same time I flew to visit my Mom in Ohio who keeps her house at 77 degrees! Normally between that and flying my skin always asks for a little extra cr̬me and serum. But not this time and the only difference was that I was using the toner! This is precisely why toners are so good Рthey offer major hydration and balance the pH levels. A little tip Рthis is especially true if used within a minute immediately after washing your face. Depending on the ingredients toners can do many things. For instance, Judit included ingredients in our Radiance Dew to:

  • Boost moisture levels
  • Maintain a healthy skin biome and add protection
  • Calm redness and inflammation
  • Plump the skin, soften lines and reduce the look of pores
  • Add vitamins and minerals to brighten the skin
  • Encourage rejuvenation of the cells
  • Uplift the spirit and soothe the soul

Definitely not the toner of my childhood! They’ve really come a long way in what they can do for the skin and the spirit. So while some may deem them unnecessary, when used correctly they can definitely help improve the skin.

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