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The Most Powerful Herbs for Your Immune System

As Priya’s herbalist my work with plants extends well into 18 years and my love for them is quite deep. Originally, I was going to sink into one herb in particular. However what I felt called to share is a number of powerful allies of the immune system that can help protect us from viruses and keep our bodies healthy. Plants are so very precious at also aligning with the innate wisdom of our bodies to combat these bugs when we are not at our full potential of health and wellness.


When I created our Beloved Beauty Potion I did so with the intention of rebalancing and strengthen our entire body because a healthy body means healthy skin. At the heart of a strong body is the immune system. Since almost all illness can be traced back to inflammation, CBD was the natural place to begin. It acts as an adaptogenic substance, lowering inflammation and bringing balance the immune system. Homeostasis is its whole reason for being!

The Goji Berry

It was then on to the super tonic adaptogens! The yummy ones that support immunity through collectively addressing the body, mind, and spirit. Goji is a superstar antioxidant and is chock full of vitamin A and C which stimulate both the production and function of many types of white blood cells. It also helps your body to produce important antibodies in the form of proteins that bind to invading microbes to neutralize them. In other words, Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for healthy immune system response.


Many herbs that claim immune-boosting benefits can be said to improve these symptoms and improve wellness. But oftentimes, the way they do this gets narrowed down to specific body systems – Burdock, on the other hand, supports immunity from many angles, and in one fell swoop. Research shows that not only can it improve immunity in a variety of ways and but also through many different body systems including the digestive, endocrine, and nervous system. It does not mess around!

He Shou Wu

Next is the mighty He Shou Wu which I added because it is one of the most powerful antioxidants out there. It is so powerful it’s actually called a superoxide dismutase (or SOD). Its long held belief is to promote longevity. In recent years this belief has turned to fact through several studies showing it supports valuable DNA repair and regeneration!


Finally I want to highlight one of my dearest allies, cacao which is also part of the beauty nectar. Cacao is chocolate before it becomes heavily processed and is a wonderful, potent medicine for the heart. It imparts loving, joyful, compassion allowing us to see the bigger picture. When our body is releasing these feel good hormones, our immunity increases tenfold. It is like an internal hug of light. In these challenging times optimism and joy are just as important if not more so than our outward actions. Thus this is truly the medicine for these times.

Our Immune Formula

In these times getting the right plants for your body is everything. So we invite you to try our immune boost tincture for 15% off (using code 15SACRED) and free shipping until April 1st.

Additionally, I have also created an immune formula that is alcohol and CBD free. For those who need a different way to be supported, it is available here. This particular blend is one that i’ve personally used daily for more than 10 years, as well as on hundreds of clients. It combines the powers of medicinal mushrooms including reishi which is used to enhance the immune system, reduce stress, improve sleep, and lessen fatigue. Cordyceps, which activates NK (natural killer) cells known detect and kill virus-infected cells. It also creates the release of cytokines which are a vital part of immune health. Cordyceps are used in Chinese medicine to soothe the lungs for the treatment of fatigue and respiratory diseases.

The formula also contains astralagus, an adaptogen that helps the body deal with physical, emotional, or mental stress. It is also famous for aiding the body in lowering the risk for infections and other diseases. Various studies have shown that the astragalus plant contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties.

This powder can simply be added to hot water, tea or coffee as a daily immunity boost.

Our Connection with Herbs

The beauty of plants is that they have an intelligence that intuitively aligns with our energetic and physical body to bring us back into wholeness. It is that intelligence that we, as a greater society, need to consciously connect to especially in these times.

As our collective consciousness grows and we become more aware of what we put in and onto our bodies, we can flourish and accomplish the reasons we came here in the first place! My greatest wish is to empower everyone to remember that you have the ability to be your own medicine.

“Give a woman a plant and you feed her for a day; teach a woman herbalism and you feed her and her entire clan for a lifetime.”

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