Self Love

How to Create the Life You Want

Tracy with you today! Are you a new years resolution person? I am not, and actually never have been. I think at the heart I was scared to fail and then feel badly about myself. Also, I didn’t want to feel confined in some sort of box with absolutes.

Then a very wise person asked me, “how do create a life filled with exactly what you want if you don’t know what that is?”. Hmmmmm. Then they posed “what if you looked at the process as an intention and not a resolution?” Whoa! Those two questions created an immediate shift. I suddenly felt an “opening up” of freedom, potential and possibility versus a shutting down to what must be.

I’ve learned that intentions are more like a vision or a purpose, and about gaining clarity. It’s about getting conscious of what really matters and becoming more present to that in each moment.

Fast forward to today, intentions are now not only a yearly practice but most times a daily ritual. They provide direction for focus, time, and energy to what matters most. When I call in or write my intentions it’s with specificity, making sure it’s exactly what I want.

Looking back it’s no surprise that this way of being also shows up within Priya. As Priya began forming we realized that she is all about intention. It’s self-care with purpose that helps you to create the life you want. This is why we invite you to intentionally connect with not only your skin but also your spirit when applying our offerings. Create five minutes to yourself by lighting a candle, taking a few cleansing breaths, speaking your intention(s) for the day followed by lovingly, consciously applying the products to your face. Tune into their high energetic frequency that comes from the reiki, mantras, and sound bath that Judit lovingly imbues into each batch. Then move through you day with clarity, light and radiant glow

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