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Is Water a Filler in Skincare?

We love receiving emails from other beauty brands. They are inspirational, enlightening, and provide great learning. Recently though, we received one stating the belief that water is a filler ingredient in skincare. Being a water-based brand we couldn’t disagree more. Here’s why…

Water in the Skin

The human body is made up of almost 70% water in different forms, mainly stored in cells, including skin cells. When our skin does not receive sufficient levels of water, it become dry, tight and flaky, which leads to skin dysfunctions. Dry skin also has less resilience and is more prone to wrinkling. The unfortunate truth about drinking water, is that water will reach all the other organs before it reaches the skin. That’s why it’s important to find other ways to infuse our skin with this vital nutrient.

Water has been scientifically proven to receive, store and share information due to its molecular structure. Because of this it is seen as the central brain within all of nature.

Water Holds and Transfers Energy

In his book ‘The Message from Water’, Masaru Emoto demonstrates that water, when exposed to beautiful healing music, forms healthy chrystalline molecular patterns, improving the quality of the water. It becomes not only more alive and hydrating, but also quite literally charged with more joyful, higher vibrational energy.

This is precisely why we apply Reiki, and chant mantras. We imbue the golden, high vibrational sounds of crystal and Tibetan sound bowls into our water based products. Infusing, restoring, healing, healthy energy within the water, and then into our cellular structure and etheric body.

Read more about our energy infusing process.

What about Oils and Butters?

Oils and butters are beautiful but serve different purposes in skincare formulas. They support the skin’s lipid barrier, but they don’t actually hydrate. Water-based skincare quenches your skin’s thirst, plumps your complexion and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

So is water a filler? No. Water is the sacred life-force of all creation, including glowing skin!

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