Self Love

Love Is the Medicine

At Priya, love has always been an important ingredient. Not just in our words and ethos but it’s actually part of the formulations. Love is the medicine, for when our partner, Judit, handcrafts the products, the process also includes a 3 step energy ceremony. Within the “ceremony,” vibrations of light and love are imparted into the products that are then transferred into your skin.

What do we mean by that? This weaving of beauty and overall wellness understands we exist in a connected universe beyond what we can physically see. The relationship between the ‘energetic field’ around our body and the tangible body are not separate, one impacts the other. So when we address the health of our energetic body we are also addressing the health of our physical body. This understanding, which is rooted in quantum physics is one that Eastern medicine has long understood. However, it is now strongly beginning to take hold in western medicine as well.

The Shift

There’s a real paradigm shift occurring as major scientific bodies (including Harvard and NASA) are quickly understanding that our body’s energetic field is made up of electromagnetic frequencies and light waves that act as a “control center” for our physical and mental functioning. How cool is that?

Interestingly though, this is something that has been known since long before modern science. Major indigenous medical systems independently founded healing approaches based on the body as an energy field. They discovered that the vital energy field controls the processes of our bodies, brains, and spirit. With that, health and healing come from directing the flow of energy that courses through our meridians (our body’s energetic pathways) at specific energy points and balances the body’s electromagnetic field.

Therefore, indigenous people have been the wisdom-keepers of energy medicine for centuries, and modern science is now making discoveries that disrupt old, outdated belief structures around aging and how we heal, and the world is paying attention! As we embark on this new path the invisible will become visible, and energy medicine will become an integral part of wellness itself.

As we unravel the knowledge that quantum physics is bringing into clear view, we see that human frequencies can be adjusted with sound and vibration. Thus, by tuning the electromagnetic field to one of balance and harmony we can boost our physical health as well as align the heart to a new frequency of peace and love which is also enormously healing! This is the vision that we hold here at Priya.

Imbuing Your Products with Love

When we imbue our products with energy and vibrations you are not simply using a skincare product, you are receiving healing transmissions in your cells. The intelligence in every molecule of your body recognizes this even if your mind is not conscious of it. Give it a few weeks, you will feel shifts in your awareness as you take in new codes of energy. We make every bottle of Priya with this deep reverence and respect. We envision a space for you to remember who you are beyond just outward appearances.

Read about our unique energy ceremony that we use to create every product and why it’s Vibrationally Alive.

In these times, it can be especially difficult, but we invite you to love all parts of yourself and love all that has transpired in your life. To vibrate with a frequency of acceptance and understanding, and to see the teacher within the experiences. Perhaps try our ritual bath for self-love. This feeling of love supports wellness and harmony in the body. It enhances our immune systems, charges our cells, and ignites the DNA within our light bodies, creating immunity to toxicities.

The frequency of LOVE is the most POWERFUL force in existence.

Love and Blessings,

Lori, Tracy, Judit

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