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The Right Order to Apply Your Skincare

Nourishing your skin starts with quality and effective products. But the order in which they are applied is equally as important. The most commonly asked question we receive is the correct order to apply your skincare, second only to the difference between a Crème and a Serum. So today, friends, we’re going there. We are answering both of your questions and sharing lots of other good tips… So let’s flow…

First and foremost, tune into your intuition and listen to what your body is asking. Not everyone needs every step and our skin may need different products at different times. Also too many products can actually cause irritation. The next rule of thumb is apply thinner to thicker as lighter products can’t penetrate the heavier ones.


1. Cleanse

Day and night after removing make up. Gentle is key; be mindful to not strip the skin with over washing. If the skin is extra dry or with heavy make up usage, an oil cleansing balm helps. Oil attracts oil to powerfully remove make up, and it instantly nourishes and moisturizes to combat dryness.

2. Toner

Apply within 1 minute of cleansing face when pores are most open. Toners add an antimicrobial benefit to cleansing but most importantly they restore and balance the pH level of your skin that cleansers can affect. Additionally, like ours, they can add hydration, soothe irritations, and plump the skin. We love it too, because it primes and allows greater penetration of other products.

3. Serum

This next step is good to apply on toned, damp skin (for penetration). Think of serums as a treatment that helps to restore and repair skin. It tends to be more concentrated with active ingredients working more quickly. It’s the “heavy lifter” of your routine. Water based serums like our Bliss Renewal Serum should be applied before moisturizer, but if using an oil based serum use after your moisturizing. (Oils can penetrate crèmes, not vice versa.)

4. Eye Treatment

Due to the thinner skin and sensitivity of area the eyes needs their own attention. Use both above and below the eye, and note that scents can be irritating. Roller baller applicators, gua sha, and storing in the fridge can be especially helpful with puffiness.

5. Moisturize

Crèmes come next and are all about adding and keeping hydration, as well as protecting and fortifying the lipid barrier (the top layer of skin) that fights free radical damage and keeps out irritants. A crème also seals in the other products. They are great for daytime when extra hydration is needed, but essential at night when the skin is naturally repairing itself. If you’re oily, a lotion is the better way to go versus a crème.

6. Oils

If oils are needed this is exactly the stage to apply them, and they are especially applicable at night. As mentioned above, oil can penetrate creams, but not vice versa.

7. SPF

The last step always. If you’re like us finding a good CLEAN SPF is VERY hard! But a couple we like include Beautycounter and Le Prunier. *If spot treatments are needed, use right after the serum!

Now you know the correct order to apply your skincare, but keep in mind that consistency is key to creating meaningful results, and lasting results take a little time to achieve. Finally, as always we invite to take this routine and make it a ritual by slowing down, tuning into your inner world and tending to your beautiful garden within. When combined with the steps above, this holistic approach cultivates the most radiant you.

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