Creating Ritual

Unlocking The Magic of Pisces Season

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. As such it’s a time of completion and closure of the last 12 months. So if you’ve been feeling a bit restless lately, or maybe unable to sleep, it could very well be that you are tapping into the energy of this shifting time.

What’s so cool about the Pisces Season is that it reminds us of our strength and power. For Pisces is also about beginnings (every ending is also a beginning) and renewal. It’s a time where we can manifest new dreams and call in all that we need to fulfill them. In order to do this however, we must also do the work. We need to look at what we need to heal and transform so that we can move ahead.

We recently spent some time with Shannon Kim of The Beauty Haus, who is a clinical hypnotherapist. After being left at a train station in Korea as a baby, hypnotherapy was part of her path to healing. Her journey also helped her unlock her own purpose, to help others heal as well. We were so captivated by her strength and the fact that she never lost her light, and we fell in love with her kindness and intuitive nature.

We will be talking about how she guides people to their inner wisdom, empowering them to uncover their patterns. With this knowledge they are then able to take action, align with their highest frequency and enjoy connected lives filled with purpose and most importantly – choice. Exactly what this Pisces Season is holding space for us to do.

Our Mission

Priya’s mission has always been to create a space for women to connect and unlock their inner beauty through conscious self-care. This shows in our conversations, our products like The Bliss Renewal Serum, and in introducing you to wonderful women like Shannon. Getting in touch with ourselves, we can tap into our true potential, unleashing our most vibrant and holistic radiance.

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