Self Love

The Power of Being Present

How is your present moment? Right now. Not in a few minutes and not yesterday, we mean this very moment. If you’re like us, we have to remember to do this at times! The power of being present is easily overlooked. So as we take this short time together, we invite you to take a deep breath and come into your body, and into the awareness of this moment. (It is the only moment that actually exists!)

Presence is a big buzzword these days, but with our hectic lives few observe what it literally means to be present. It’s actually quite profound when we stop the mind and simply live consciously in the moment. Our bodies begin releasing all tension and allow ourselves to come into a state of great ease. There is so much magic in each and every moment, all we need is the quiet space to notice it.

In the silence of being we begin to connect with our inner voice, one that whispers its guidance. Once we get into the practice of hearing that voice it can lead us to places beyond what our active minds could ever “figure out”. When we start to become familiar with our inner voice, it can lead into a new way of navigating life. A way that flows with less effort and more freedom. There are many daily invitations for this practice whether it be during morning meditation, while in the shower, or even as you pour a morning tea. So it doesn’t have to be momentous just intentional. If you would like some ideas for rituals, we invite you to visit our blog.

Intention Portals and the Power of Being Present

This is the purpose of the intention portals (which are below) included with each of our products. They are meant to create a deeper consciousness within while spending a few precious moments lovingly supporting your skin and spirit. This is a sacred coming home to yourself. One where you get to leave behind all your roles and responsibilities and reconnect the deepest, most precious parts of you. The vibrational frequencies we’ve infused in the products are there to support this shift in the consciousness of your cells as well. We invite you take in the below and then close your eyes with each for a moment…

Illuminating Eye Essence– “I see the truth in the power of love reflected in the world around me.”

Intention Portal Bliss Renewal Serum “I take time to nourish and connect lovingly with myself in this moment.”

Intention Portal Phyto Metamorphisis Creme– ”I am fully open to receive and accept of all of who I am, sending love to every cell of my being.”

Intention Portal Beauty Potion – ”I am present and grateful for the intuitive magic flowing into my life.”

We all manage a lot daily. Maybe the only time you can create those 5 minutes is in the shower, so we invite you to dedicate those moments to yourself fully. Tap into your entire awareness. Enjoy the feeling of complete and utter freedom, trust, and love. This is where you rediscover the magnificence of your soul.

Much Love and Presence,

Lori, Tracy, Judit

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