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How to Protect Your Skin from Stress

Most of us understand that when we are “stressed out” cortisol is released. This increases both blood sugar and blood pressure, alters immune responses, and turns on the “fight-or-flight” mode. The long-term activation of stress hormones can disrupt almost all of our body functions leading to a complete mind-body-spirit imbalance. One of the systems that gets disrupted is our skin, but how can you protect your skin from stress?

Meditation, breath work, yoga and other mindful practices are beautiful tools to reduce stress in our daily lives. It’s why we invite you to create an intentional daily ritual of self care while communing with Priya’s offerings.

Protect Your Skin from Oxidative Stress

Our skin also has its own struggles in the form of “oxidative stress” which is triggered by free radicals. These highly reactive molecules are byproducts of things like air pollution, UV radiation, and other chemicals that we may encounter during our daily flow. Free radicals interact with parts of the skin cells such as DNA, protein, and lipids molecules. They take their electrons to become stabilized again. This, in turn, destabilizes the cell components accelerating the aging process which ultimately leads to dull, dry, inflamed and irritated skin.

Antioxidants (our earth angels!) prevent these reactions by donating an electron to the free radicals without becoming destabilized themselves. Plants are powerful allies in this preventive care because they contain hundreds of different molecules with potent antioxidant capacity.

When Judit created all of our topical offerings this was an important part of the formulations. She packed them with so many of these amazing free radical scavengers including Carrot Seed, Ginkgo, CBD, and Lingonberry stem cells – just to name a few. The ingredient glossary on our website explains why each ingreident is present and especially their antioxidant badge!

Just another reason to love momma Earth. (and our Judit!)


Tracy, Lori, and Judit

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