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5 Ways To Protect Your Skin During Cold Weather

As we’ve recently addressed, this time of the year brings lots of transitions. Not only energetically but also physically! The weather turns cooler, the wind kicks up, and we look to keep our homes warmer and cozier. While this season can be a beautiful rite of passage our skin doesn’t necessarily agree! So we asked our Co-Founder and Pharmacist, Judit, for 5 tips to protect your skin during this time.

Drink more water

It all begins with keeping the body hydrated. Not only does it flush out toxins, but the hydration decreases puffiness and increases elasticity of the skin helping to fight fine lines. Water with electrolytes ups the game. If you’d like to add intention and ritual to your water, check out our post about How to Make Moon Water.


Both physically (scrubs/loofahs) and chemically (ingredients). Sloughing off dead skin cells helps the skin retain its moisture, supports the efficacy in your products, and increases the skin’s brightness. But be sure to go gentle and only 1x-2x a week at most. We especially love using dry brushes and ingredients like CBD, both which create major cell turnover.

Protect the Lipid Barrier

The skin’s lipid barrier (outer most layer of the skin) is there to stop potential problems passing through the skin and to protect what lies underneath. It seals moisture and protects from environmental stressors like wind and dry heat. Transition to an especially hydrating moisturizer using powerhouse ingredients like jojoba oil and niacinamide (B3). They not only help maintain this barrier but they also address multiple winter skin issues including inflammation.

Add Hyaluronic Acid

It has the amazing ability to pull in moisture and hold water in the skin, especially around our eyes. It helps keep the skin plump and better moisturized throughout the day as well as increasing the elasticity of our skin to keep dryness and fine lines in check. We especially love working with a low molecular weight version of this natural superstar to reach the cellular level of healing.

Turn on Your Humidifier

Especially in the bedroom as your body sleeps and regenerates. As we’ve all experienced, central heating systems remove humidity in the air and humidifiers bring it back.

As always, we invite you to shift into this time of change with presence and intention. Thank the water that hydrates your body. Visualize the air from the humidifier dancing on your skin. When applying your moisturizer, remind yourself of how precious you really are and let that flow through your fingertips.

With our love,

Tracy, Judit, and Lori

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