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The Ancient Healing of a Sound Bath

Hello! Is everyone still standing strong, or at least standing!? Whew! With all of this intense energy we thought it the perfect time to introduce (or reintroduce) an extremely soothing and nourishing way to move through this density. It also happens to be a special part of the energy ceremony that all of Priya’s offerings receive, Sound Healing (also known as a sound bath).

Sound Bath is an incredibly calming, meditative practice. Participants lay down and are enveloped in the vibrational frequencies of sound. This sound most often comes from instruments, including Tibetan and crystal sound bowls, gongs, and tuning forks which are played by a sound practicioner. Often times the instruments are specifically tuned to 432 hertz, which is known as the “miracle tone”. This is a special vibration of peace and love, and found in nature. Even calling it the miracle tone automatically moves us…

The Benefits of Sound Baths

These sounds have been proven to lower blood pressure and decrease pulse rates as they relax the body, clear the subconscious mind, and activate your body’s natural healing systems. Beyond these “heady” facts however is a deeper kind of healing that comes from the heart.

This ancient medicine of high vibrational frequency speaks to our souls. It touches our spirits and our energy centers, unearthing and unrooting heavy energy and moving what no longer serves us. It aligns and rebalances our chakras, and it reactivates our eternal knowing that we are love and we are light.

How Can You Access It?

The soul and cellular healing of these golden tones is precisely why Judit bathes all of our Priya offerings in these beautiful frequencies after they are created. This energy, which the offerings hold, is palpable. It’s an experience in which you can’t quite explain why, but you feel a sense of wellbeing when using them.

If you’re like us here in Los Angeles many things are still closed or limited. So if you just can’t get to a class we recommend these beautiful spirits who are kind enough to offer their medicine online. @thecoppervessel and @loveandalchemy_ here in LA, and @we_are_vibrational_energy in Cleveland. Here is also a nighttime “bath” by Goop.

Priya’s Awakening Starter Kit is such an excellent way to experience this healing energy as well. We didn’t want to just provide samples, receiving so little you most often only learn how they smell and feel. We wanted you to see the effects, know how they work, and feel confident bringing something new into your bathroom! So our offerings provide about a week of each product.

Keep going dear community. This time of unrest which seems like it’s never ending is actually very much in service to us. We know that the waves are part of our growth and strengthens us in ways we can’t yet feel. (Something we are constantly reminding one another!!)

Find out more about the love we imbue in our products.

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