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Treating Hormonal Acne Naturally

Treating hormonal acne can be tricky. Afterall, our hormones change based on a varity of reasons, but sometimes the best medicine is found in the simplest things.

Oftentimes hormonal acne is associated with menopause which is when hormonal levels fluctuate greatly. While this is true, it often starts in the pre menopause phase better known as perimenopause. For many this begins in our late 30’s or early 40’s. However hormonal stress is also very present at all stages of life and for a variety of reasons.

Stress is a very common factor as it increases the cortisol production knocking other hormones out of flow. Our hormonal shifting, monthly moon cycle can also initiate a flare up. Hormonal fluctuations can increase oil gland production that also bring long term flare ups along the jawline. One of us here at Priya can attest to all three!

Natural Plant-Based Medicine

You may know, however, that CBD can be an exceptionally valuable ally in keeping your skin clear. In speaking with Co-Founder Dr. Judit Konrad there’s a very logical reason behind this. CBD mimics the cannabinoids naturally secreted from our endocannabinoid system whose purpose is to bring our body back into balance. It’s precisely this process that is so potent in stabilizing our skin’s oil production.

Additionally after a flare up, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can help to calm and soothe the skin, treating hormonal acne quickly. When you add in its antioxidant properties it’s easy to see why we honor this plant so deeply!

So when hormonal flare ups darken your door know that you are not powerless! Nor do you have to prescribe to harsh irritants to get the job done. Mighty CBD has powerful healing properties that create a safe, effective path to radiant, healthy skin.

We at Priya have our own acne stories, and we honor yours. We are a tribe who are in this together, so please share your stories…


Judit, Lori, and Tracy

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